Powerful Image Matching
The fastest and most accurate image matching technology finds images with matching pixel content. Robust against glare, rotation, crop, perspective and blur.
Image Similarity Search
LTU technologies' similarity search enables automatic search for similar images based on shapes and colors. Similarity search ranks images from most similar to least similar to a query image and also supports search on color alone or shape alone.
Fine Image Comparison
Fine Image Comparison pinpoints where the subtlest differences are located displayed with outline boxes, x-ray image map or by overlapping the two matched images.
Image Recognition Platform
LTU engine is a leading image recognition software platform offering the most robust, scalable and fastest visual search functionalities on the market today.

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Color Search
LTU technologies offers a powerful color search technology that extracts color palettes from a set of images and enables search by individual and multiple combinations of color.

Technologies & Demos

Visit the LTU Demo Studio to learn about the image technologies of LTU engine.  Enjoy the amazing results. Imagine the possibilities.

The LTU Demo Studio is the place to see in action the image technologies of LTU engine.

Drag and drop images from the gallery and see the impressive power that is available for all types of image applications:  brand protection, media intelligence, eCommerce, and the wide range of mobile applications

Let one result lead to another and see the interesting ways in which images are associated by their visual content – and imagine the ways in which these technologies can be applied to your application.

Image matching Demo

Color search Demo

Similarity search

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