Visual Content Tracking
Automate the tracking of copyright images, advertisements, logos and product images with image recognition to improve efficiency and reduce human error.

Media monitoring, brand & image copyright protection

LTU technologies’ image recognition platform – LTU engine – makes it easier to automate and enhance the identification and tracking of visual content, both online and in printed media.

Image matching technology configured specifically for visual content tracking includes tools that have been designed to be integrated with sophisticated workflow of solutions for:

  • Media intelligence – tracking of advertisements in print publications and online
  • Brand protection – identification and monitoring of brand logos, product images etc. to protect against fraudulent use. Vital in brand protection, brand intelligence, & IP protection (Intellectual Property).
  • Social media monitoring – identification of product images and logos uploaded by consumers to social media sites and other online sources
  • Copyright protection – detection and tracking of the use of copyright images online and in print

Automate and speed up the process of identifying visual content online and in the press.

Fine image comparison

Fine image comparison is designed to provide additional details on the results of a query and reference matches. The fine image comparison functionality provides visual feedback pinpointing the location of the subtlest differences.