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Link offline content to digital content simply by snapping a picture with mobile visual search. Easy integration with image search API, SDKs and content and analytics platform.

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LTU Mobile: Bridge the gap between Physical and Digital Worlds in a simple Snap!

Image matching technology makes it possible to link offline to digital content simply by taking a picture with a mobile device. The action is similar to scanning a code, however, image recognition analyzes and searches based on the visual content captured with the mobile device – hence no code needed.

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With LTU Mobile, simply build apps that recognize your content

  • Product catalogs
  • Print ads
  • Billboards
  • Product packaging
  • Etc.

You provide the image content and control the experience. LTU technologies takes care of the image matching that determines what you display on the mobile device. LTU Mobile is powered by LTU advanced image recognition platform. It has been packaged in two editions to better fit your needs. To learn more click here.