Quaero – research program to develop tools to search, categorize and manage multimedia content


Quaero is a collaborative research and development program, centered at developing multimedia and multilingual indexing and management tools for professional and general public applications such as the automatic analysis, classification, extraction and exploitation of information. The research aims to facilitate the extraction of information in unlimited quantities of multimedia and multilingual documents, including written texts, speech and music audio files, and images and videos

LTU’s multimedia content control solutions have been leveraged in two application projects within the Quaero initiative. LTU provided image-recognition technology for project MMSE, led by online portal, France Telecom Orange, to develop enhanced multimedia user services for online platforms. Additionally, LTU has contributed its image-based technology to complement Exalead’s global internet search engine for the CMSE project. Exalead is now a product family within Dassault Systemes, S.A.