Dylan’s Candy Bar

In-store mobile scavenger hunt

The Challenge
Dylan’s Candy Bar was looking to create a fun in-store experience that would also enable them to collect valid e-mail addresses of visitors to the flagship store in New York City.

The Solution
The pixlinQ MAIL solution was used to create an unique in-store scavenger hunt. Visitors were given clues, then took photos and emailed the results to a specified email address with their mobile devices. The correct result triggered an automated reply email containing a coupon that could be redeemed in the store.

The Results
Using the email system for the mobile scavenger hunt, Dylan’s Candy Bar was able to engage customers while collecting clean email addresses to use for future marketing outreach. Marketing e-mails sent to addresses captured had a higher open and click-through rate than addresses collected from other in-store promotions. The conversion rate from those e-mails sent to scavenger hunt participants has been 85% higher than those sent to other consumers.